Vendome Neighborhood Association

About the Site

The Vendome web site was designed on a Macintosh. It uses modern web standards, including XHTML and CSS.

The neighborhood map is powered by Google Local.

The calendar is marked up using the hCalendar microformat, so that it can be read by iCalendar-compatible applications (for example, Apple's iCal)..

The line drawing in the background is of the Hotel Vendome, and was drawn in Adobe Illustrator. If it takes up too much room on your screen, use the button in the upper-right corner to use a more compact layout.

About the Webmaster

The site was designed by Kevin Kelley and Randy Saldinger. Randy is the current webmaster. If you have comments or suggestions, send them to:

webmaster (at) vendome (dot) org

The Vendome web site — as well as the graphic design for most Vendome event fliers, and the Vendome Voice — is provided by Mother's Ruin Graphics.