Vendome Neighborhood Association

Vendome Block Captains

The neighborhood Block Captains make sure that everyone receives the fliers that announce our meetings and upcoming events.

Street Block Captain
San Pedro St Nancy DeMattei
Miller St Volunteer Needed!
Filomena Ave Estelle Vigil
George St Rudy Ortega
Acacia St Volunteer Needed!
Jefferson Square Volunteer Needed!
Hobson St Tina Morrill (acting)
Ayer Ave Caroline Bressler
Rankin Ave
Losse Ct
San Pedro Square Chris Shay
Hawthorne Wy Linda Dunlap
Clayton Ave Joan Giampaolo
Fox Ave Tom Mitchell
College Park Lori Satterfield
Ryland St Volunteer Needed!

We still need volunteers for some streets. If you can help, please contact Tina Morrill at tinam777 (at) yahoo (dot) com.