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Pueblo Origins

"El Pueblo de San Jose de Guadalupe was established in 1777 to provide agricultural products to the Spanish forts at Monterey and San Francisco and to the Spanish ships that plied the Pacific Coast."

"At the behest of Felipe de Neve, Governor of the Province of Alta California, nine soldiers with farming experience were chose from the garrisons at San Francisco and Monterey to accompany five civilian settlers with their families to a site on the east bank of the Guadalupe River. Each man and his family were to be issued plowshares, muskets, crows, horses, sheep and other livestock to foster development of this small colony."

A view of the Valerio De Mesa adobe.

"A member of this colonizing expedition was Valerio de Mesa, a Spaniard whose name has been associated with the adobe show here. De Mesa, along with the rest of the settlers, was given a house lot fifty-five feet by one hundred ten feet. This adobe, said to be part of the original pueblo, stood between San Pedro and First Streets on the north side of Hobson Street."

-- From Santa Clara Valley: Images of the Past, Donald O. DeMers, Jr. and Ann Whitsell, 1977.