Vendome Neighborhood Association

Vendome Neighborhood E-mail List

The Vendome neighborhood has a group on Yahoo for informal e-mail communication amongst neighbors. You can go to the group on the Yahoo site by clicking below:

Vendome Neighborhood Yahoo Group

If you haven't previously, you will need to request membership in the group. This is only a spam-prevention measure.

Please Note: The purpose of the Yahoo Group is for subscribed Vendome neighbors to receive updates about meetings and events as well as gather general, helpful information such as referrals for home services. It should not be used for commercial solicitation or for airing of disputes between neighbors.

The email sent to the Vendome Yahoo Group is not moderated. You are responsible for the posts that you make to the list, so please make sure that they are appropriate before sending them. The Vendome Neighborhood Association is not responsible for the content of the list.

Thanks everyone, for helping keep this site useful and productive for all neighbors!