Vendome Neighborhood Association

Vendome Voice: Volume 4 Number 3

December 2010

Happy Vendome Holidays

Things are quiet in the Vendome at the end of the year, so this edition of the Vendome Voice is a brief one.

Stay tuned in 2011 for the new event calendar, and opportunities to get involved.

Median Islands Granted Reprieve

Back in February, we told you that the City planned to remove the landscaping from our median islands, because the budget to maintain them had been slashed. The Department of Transportation even sent representatives to our February meeting to explain this plan, and to discuss the possibility of our neighborhood “adopting” the islands.

Inexplicably, the City now says that the Vendome median islands are not slated for landscaping removal at all. They remain committed to the same maintenance plan — removing weeds and leaves twice each year — and are keeping the irrigation in working order. This means that we won't be needing volunteers to adopt the median islands after all.

Pumpkins Get Festive in Ryland Park

Pumpkin Patch KidzThe third annual Pumpkin Patch Kidz event was held on a beautiful Halloween Morning in Ryland Park. The Vendome Neighborhood Association provided the pumpkins, decorations and treats, and our neighborhood children supplied the fun.

About 25 kids attended, dressed as superheroes, princesses, dragons, fairies, pirates and cats. They enjoyed treats, while decorating pumpkins with stickers, crayons, crazy hats and glitter glue. New neighbors met veteran Vendome residents, and kids had fun with new friends.

See our Photo Gallery for more pictures from this event.

Openings on the VNA Board of Directors

Two positions on the Vendome Neighborhood Association Board of Directors were up for election at our neighborhood meeting on November 8th: President and Member-at-Large. Tina Morrill had previously announced that she would not run for another term as President.

Unfortunately, no one stood for election to either position. As a result, we will have two vacant positions on the Board as of the end of 2010. Since our remaining Directors have lives and responsibilities of their own, VNA activities and advocacy work are likely to be reduced.

If you're interested in joining the Board, please contact us at board (at) vendome (dot) org. Mindful of the fact that we are all volunteers, we aim to keep the time commitment small and make the process fun.

A special thanks to Tina Morrill for her years of service to the Vendome neighborhood. Although she won't be President of the VNA, we know that she will continue to be involved with the neighborhood.

The Vendome Barbecue Committee Wants You

The Vendome Neighborhood Association is looking for someone to chair our annual Summer Barbecue in Ryland Park. Kevin Kelley, the previous chair of the committee, is stepping down to give others a chance to throw the party.

Vendome Summer Barbecue 2011“It's so much fun to put on this event, but after three years, it is time to let someone else be involved,” Kevin said. “How often do you get to throw a party for 60 of your closest friends?”

The barbecue is the Vendome's big event of the year, usually with more than 60 people attending. After two years of funding from a City of San Jose grant, the 2011 Summer Barbecue will be funded solely by the VNA. (See the February Vendome Voice for a discussion of our finances, and why we opted not to seek another grant.)

In addition to a mouth-watering feast, the annual event promotes friendly competition with games, and contests for the Best Chili in the (Vendome) World ¬†and Best Pie in the (Vendome) World. “The barbecue is a great way to meet your neighbors and to get involved in the neighborhood,” Kevin said. “I highly recommend it.”

If you are interested, please contact us at board (at) vendome (dot) org.

Thanks to Our Block Captains

A round of applause, please, for our hard-working Block Captains:

Every year, these intrepid volunteers distribute fliers throughout the neighborhood, announcing our events and meetings. They also distribute our once-per-year print edition of the Vendome Voice.

Thank you all for keeping the neighborhood connected.

We still have three streets without captains: Miller, Acacia and Ryland. If you're willing to be a captain for one of these streets — and it doesn't have to be the one you live on — please contact us at board (at) vendome (dot) org.

The Vendome Voice is published by the Vendome Neighborhood Association, on behalf of the neighborhood.

The newsletter is written, edited and designed by:

  • Kevin Kelley
  • Tina Morrill
  • Randy Saldinger